Movie Magic

I just finished watching The Greatest Showman again and I get something new from it every time.  This time was a thought about how the children in the movie really made an impact on the confidence of the performers.  Even in the modern and progressive time that we currently live, we find similar separation.  The idea of someone or [...]

The Adventure

Into the void as my delayed flight bursts into the darkness. Above the earth at frightening speeds, ascending into the clouds. The pinprick of lights from small towns and metro areas. The blinking white light on the wingtip advising observers of our presence. We jostle during our decent, the ground approaches slowly. A soft bump [...]


We want comfort.  At work, at the gas station, and in social settings.  Statements that begin with "I'm not comfortable with..." are all too common.  A certain level is expected in life, even though a lot of people don't have it.  Let's assume for the purposes of this argument that the person has a normal job, [...]


A familiar place with old memories Renewed Sounds of aircraft break the white noise of traffic Clear reminders of my actual location My mind is elsewhere Deep inside the creative, thought lost after recent experiences Sirens break my focus The clouds refuse the sun passage to the ground The difference in mindset is startling The [...]